Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

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This smoke alarm fire detector is a photoelectric smoke alarm that can be used as a single mains powered, battery backed alarm or can be interconnected with other 755 series smoke alarms to give whole home protection. It is designed to be surface mounted on the ceiling.

Certifications and Compliances: Alarm Condition: Aural signal pattern ISO 8201, Approvals: SAI Global, RCM, Activfire, Complies with: AS3786: 2014, AS/NZS 60065, AS/NZS 60950.1


Key Features:

Photoelectric technology for detection of smouldering fire types (most common fire types in homes) 

Wired interconnect feature (up to 40 alarms)

Compatible with optional relay or wireless interconnect bases

Quality optical chamber with stainless steel insect screen

Easy to use test/hush button

Easy installation and maintenance with flip-down design

Robust digital design for optimum performance and resilience

Certified to AS3786:2014



Main Power Source: 220-240V A.C. ~ 50Hz

Secondary Power Source: 9V d.c. Carbon Zinc or Alkaline Battery (included)

Operating Current: 35mA

Sensing Type: Photoelectric. This alarm contains NO radioactive material

Interconnecting: 40 Alarms over 150 meters

Terminal Provisions: Active/Neutral/Loop and Interconnect Terminals, each accommodates 2 x 1.5mm2

Horn Level: 85dB at 3 meters minimum

Visual Indicators: Green LED for mains power ON

Red LED for warning and low battery indication

Model: 755PSMA4 CLI755PSMA4


Why Photoelectric Smoke Alarms? 

A Photoelectric responds faster to large smoke particles. Smouldering fires produce more large particles, so this type of fire will be more quickly detected by this Photoelectric Alarm.


The way forward: Australia wide has seen an update of smoke alarms rules and legislations to Photoelectric only, which further protect everyone in their home. This Photoelectric Smoke alarm carries the latest standards and certifications.


In summary, this Photoelectric Smoke alarm is the latest technology in Fire Safety and protection. It's fully certified (ISO, RCM, SAI Global, Activfire, AS, NZS, etc.) and complies with all the latest Australian standards AS 3786:2014. It's easily surface mounted and works on AC power with 9V battery backup and it is interconnectable with other smoke alarms for additional security.

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