Bottom Wiper

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Suitable for those with arm or a back strength disorder. Can replace the wiping function of a finger. Made from high quality plastic, durable and sanitary.

Soft and smooth design, comfortable to use.
Suitable for dry or wet tissues.
With a button at the end, can automatically remove the used tissue.

Length: Approx. 39.8cm

Weight: Approx. 172g

Using Method:
Wrap the toilet paper around the end of the rubber and insert it into the groove.
After use, press the top button to remove the used toilet paper.

Safety and Maintain:
Wrap clean toilet paper around the product before use.
After use, please dispose the used toilet paper to maintain personal hygiene.
After use, please clean and disinfect it regularly and place it in a dry and ventilated environment.
This product is not a toy.

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